Thursday, 24 November 2011

Albumhole 2: The Widening

Its back and bigger then ever!


[KEYOP], Kids In MonoDrowning In CirclesBurning BrightTHE iNViSiBLE, Los ConiosDan BullK-Lyd, CoruZ, Steve J,  Fred Plush And The PlushtonesRob ManuelNihilanthFrau PouchThe Sensational Alex Salmond Band, Demis CousCousUncle BastardSimbosan, Apisat, Dirty ScarabBroken ScienceDaisyDouglas Pennantcyriak, m1dletDave!HardTard, Imil, mr.dogshitCount Vanderhoff, Durstan and finally I FuCK CaTs


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

## Albumhole A fantastical, multi genre, musical collaboration by users @ ##

F e a t u r i n g

Dave!The Slapdash RapperKids in monoCyriakCount Vanderhoff,
Burning brightThomas the search enginemr.dogshitc_kick
K-lydTheColonel, Broken Science
and Rob Manuel

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Cover image made by Cockweasle

UPDATE!! 20/8/10: Paul_P has hosted it on his ftp server, yay!!

use if that doesnt work though

Its on discogs!

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